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Contributory Factors Forming Eternal Fascination of Ha Long
15:02 19/12/19
Trở lại danh sách tin tức
Possessing a natural wonder of the world that is honored by UNESCO, the bay city in particular and Quang Ninh province in general have increasingly proved the attraction towards domestic and international visitors. “Vietnam has had many extremely impressive changes”, commented Founder cum Member of Board of Executives of Global Change Forum – Axel Schultze besides National Start-up Festival (Tech Fest) 2019, which took place in Ha Long at the beginning of last December. One of the changes that receive high appreciation from Mr Schultze lies with tourism service, which has had much positive improvement in Vietnam, especially Ha Long.

Momentum from new experience

“After a long journey, as soon as I entered the hotel’s lobby, one of the staff offered me a cup of honey tea. Conventionally, they would ask me “Sir, is there anything I can help you with?”. However, in this occasion, you were delicate enough to meet the customer’s demand right upon his arrival”, said this billionaire regarding to his very first experience at FLC Halong Bay Golf Club & Luxury Resort – the venue of Open Ceremony of Tech Fest 2019.

Apart from the special impression about the city adjacent to the natural wonder that has been honored by UNESCO twice, such experiences have made the billionaire’s vacation in Ha Long become much more memorable. He affirmed: “Hopefully I will have a chance to come back to Ha Long in the nearest time”.

The positive emotion of international visitors like Axel Schultze reflects a number of implications with regards to the change in the appearance of Ha Long in the recent years. These have been demonstrated to some extent via impressive figures such as 11.3 million visitors within the first 9 months, and the revenue of VND 22,000 billion (USD 949 million) making a rise of nearly 30% from the same period of last year.

In the past, visitors that came to Ha Long had only one to go sightseeing on the bay by crude wooden ships as the . Now, they have more options to experience the heritage land. You will recognize the presence of the Province Museum, Planning Centre, or high-end resort complexes like FLC Ha Long, which is known as the popular venue of many major events of Quang Ninh in the recent time.

Golf legendary Greg Norman visited FLC Ha Long to enjoy the mesmerizing swings with the stunning view that overlooks the bay in its entirety.

The projects like FLC Ha Long has created a new look for the coastal city, thereby modern architectural features will blend themselves into the inherent magnificent natural scenes to make Ha Long further shining. Situated at an altitude of 100m, which embraces the entire view of Ha Long, FLC Ha Long provides the visitors with special experiences. These include: English-style afternoon tea with a stunning bay view through the windows; light refreshments on luxury FLC Albatross yacht; or challenging swings in 18-hole golf course of FLC Golf Club Halong (one of the three most beautiful golf courses in the world voted by Golf Inc magazine based in the US).

Destination of international events

The comprehensive infrastructure and the born of high-end resort complexes have been making Quang Ninh to become an ideal destination for major domestic and international events.

Up to now, Quang Ninh has possessed over 20,000 rooms in 1,380 accommodation facilities. These include 214 hotels, 32 tours, 78 tourism destinations, more than 500 yachts, and thousands of transport vehicles. The general economic growth and the endeavor in private investment have opened many opportunities for this province to develop tourism, especially MICE tourism at international level.

The presentative of Quang Ninh Tourism Department indicated: “Our desire is to raise the tourism market share of Quang Ninh to 30-35%. At present, it remains as 15-20%. MICE tourism will build up the brand for the destination of Quang Ninh, and also increase GDP of service sector compared to the agriculture and industry.

International visitors enjoying the stunning view of Ha Long Bay on Albatross yacht as one of the services offered at FLC Ha Long

Many businesses operating in the field of hotel and tourism in Quang Ninh have been putting plenty of effort in striving for such target, and FLC Ha Long is among those.

Officially launched at the beginning of 2018, FLC Ha Long International Convention Centre which is capable of accommodating over 1,500 guests and equipped with comprehensive facilities, is considered as a spotlight of MICE tourism in Quang Ninh. This place has been chosen as a venue for many major events such as Asian Tourism Forum (ATF) 2019, Closing Ceremony of National Tourism Year 2018, Carnaval Ha Long 2019, and National Innovative Start-up Festival (Tech Fest) 2019.

In October this year, FLC Ha Long had beaten 17 famous brands to be honored as the “Top Asian Convention Hotel” at the World Travel Awards (WTA) for the region of Asia-Pacific.

Playing an essential role in MICE tourism segment, convention building projects have always been the top important factor that event organizers look for. In this context, the born of high-end tourism complexes like FLC Ha Long will act as a rigid foundation to make this heritage land become the heart of the Vietnamese MICE tourism in the near future.