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Letter to shareholders
09:32 30/03/22
Trở lại danh sách tin tức

On March 29, 2022, the Ministry of Public Security prosecuted the case against Mr. Trinh Van Quyet, Chairman of the Board of Management (BOM) of FLC Group. Regarding the case, FLC Group would like to have an official release as follows.

The case is related to Mr. Trinh Van Quyet’s stock-exchange transactions recently. However, the case is still in the initial investigation process with no official conclusion. Mr. Trinh Quyet has coordinated with the competent authorities for investigation.

For any avoidance of doubt, FLC Group is not involved and /or has no relevant activities to the case. Accordingly, the case does not affect or change the crucial orientations of FLC Group in operation, commercial business, and sustainable development in the near future. It also does not affect the legal interests and entitlements of customers, shareholders as well as partners having transactions with the Group.

To reduce possible risks and ensure the regular operation of FLC Group, Mr. Trinh Van Quyet authorized Mrs. Vu Dang Hai Yen, Deputy General Director of FLC Group, on behalf of Mr. Trinh Van Quyet perform the tasks and entitlements of the Chairman of the BOM of FLC Group; as well as shareholder entitlements under the law and the company’s charter. Mr. Trinh Van Quyet also authorized Mrs. Vu Dang Hai Yen to have all entitlements related to his properties.

In addition to this decision, the Board of Directors of FLC Group promptly discussed and proposed measures and plans to ensure the seamless operation of the Group in the new period.

In 2021, despite the considerable impacts of large-scale pandemic outbreaks and lockdown, FLC Group still made many milestones in operation. These are with inclusion of opening and breaking ground of many projects.

With more than 300 projects that have currently been under investment research and legal promotion process across over 40 cities and provinces, FLC Group aims to complete legal process and proceed to the implementation of many imperative projects in 2022

FLC Group sincerely apologizes to Shareholders, Partners, and Customers for the unfortunate incident. We look forward to continuing to receive the valuable support and trust that you have placed in us for all those times.

Thank you.