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FLC Group Fosters Structural Reform and Sets Ambitious Target Growth in 2020
14:20 04/02/20
Trở lại danh sách tin tức

On February 3rd 2020, Closing Ceremony of Production and Business Activities in 2019 and Launching Ceremony of Plan and Targets in 2020: “Connecting Internal Resources – Reaching New Level” of FLC Group took place solemnly at Bamboo Airways Tower, 265 Cau Giay Street, Hanoi.

The event witnessed the attendance of Mr. Trinh Van Quyet – Chairman of FLC Group, Mr. Le Thanh Vinh – Standing Vice Chairman of FLC Group, Ms. Huong Tran Kieu Dung – Vice Chairwoman cum General Director of FLC Group, together with other members of the Board of Executives and Board of Directors of the Group, senior officers of the member companies and hundreds of excellent staff of FLC Group.

Senior officers and staff of FLC Group together kicking off Closing Ceremony of Production and Business Activities in 2019 and Launching Ceremony of Plan and Targets in 2020

Growth impression

According to the report of Mr. Le Thanh Vinh – Standing Vice Chairman of the Board of Executives, FLC Group throughout the last year had continued obtaining many memorable achievements in the context that businesses in general had to confront numerous significant changes in the market.

The total net revenue in 2019 reaches VND 16,419 billion (USD 705.7 million), reflecting a rise of more than 40% compared to 2018. The profit after tax was accordingly accounted to be VND 679 billion (USD 29.2 million), increasing by nearly 45% and demonstrating the fulfillment of 119% of the indicated plan.

With particular reference to the real estate segment, the Group has introduced thousands of real estate projects to the market, and many of those have gone through successful ground-breaking. These include FLC Quang Ngai resort complex, FLC University urban area in Quang Ninh, FLC Legacy Kontum, FLC LaVista Sadec, etc.

The breakdown of the revenue from sales and services of FLC Group had also changed in a considerable manner in comparison to 2018. Therein, the service segment alone had contributed more than 19% of the total revenue thanks to the presence of Bamboo Airways.

After almost a year of operation, the Airline has rapidly gained many memorable achievements in terms of on-time performance rate, flight safety factor as well as quality and services. In details, Bamboo Airways had completed more than 20,000 safe flights, serving nearly 3 million passengers and occupying 12.3% of market shares. Noticeably, the on-time performance rate had been maintained at above 94%, which remains as the highest in the entire sector. In additions, Bamboo Airways is also known as the first private airline to operate widebody aircraft, and one of the air carriers that provide the best services in Vietnam.


Mr. Le Thanh Vinh – Standing Vice Chairman of FLC Group

In the field of hospitality services, FLC Hotels & Resorts continued to prove that it is one of the leading high-end hospitality brands in Vietnam, following a large number of prestige awards in both national and international scales. FLC Hotels & Resorts has served millions of customers with the service quality being increasingly improved.

 Orientation in 2020

The Vietnamese economy in 2020 is forecasted to carry on its significant rise, joined by the outstanding development of the tourism sector in terms of the number of tourists as well as the aviation industry maintaining its fierce growth, which is regarded amongst the top of Asia. Such positive context is a foundation for FLC Group to set new breakthrough expectations in 2020.

Real estate continued remaining as the spearhead in the business of FLC Group with about 20 projects whose construction is expected to commence, and thousands of diverse products in the urban area and hospitality segments.

With particular reference to the aviation industry, Bamboo Airways aims to seize 30% of domestic aviation market shares by the fleet being expanded to 50 aircraft and the operation of 85 domestic and international flight routes. The Airline’s capitalization target is USD 1 billion after listing.

In the field of tourism and hospitality, the objective remains with maintaining its leading position of FLC Hotels& Resorts by 5-star service quality and the born of new large-scale resort complexes. The supporting fields together with a series of international investment activities will also be parallelly fostered with the ultimate purpose of developing FLC Group to be a multisector economic enterprise.

Mr. Trinh Van Quyet – Chairman of FLC Group giving speech at the ceremony

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Trinh Van Quyet expressed high appreciation for the effort of all the senior leaders and staff in providing high quality products and services in multiple fields, which accordingly continues affirming the reputation and standing of FLC brand in the market.

Nonetheless, in the context of the economy being unstable, the rapid development and expansion in scale also pose many challenges and missions for FLC Group.

Analyzing several existing problems, Chairman Trinh Van Quyet asked all the senior officers as well as the staff to carry out reform on multiple aspects, including constructing the organizational structure, the human resource structure and also integrated procedures in support of the management system, specializing business activities and approaching optimal and modern organizational models.

The ultimate purpose is to create an astute, active and efficient mechanism, which is able to meet the development demand of the Group in the new era.

This is not only the mission of leaders and senior officers solely, but also entails the participation and effort of every single divisions, member companies, individuals within the Group. The chairman emphasized that each member in respond to the new allocated missions has to know how to do good self-management, guide his/her own path in the right direction, and incessantly make effort in order to maintain the quality of products and services for the customers.

By only doing so, FLC Group will be ready for new growth targets, new areas of business as set out by the Board of Executives for the upcoming development stages.

FLC Group and Bamboo Airways collaborating to honor 9 groups and 127 individuals that had excelled in 2019.