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FLC Group Donates USD 215,000 to Support Ministry of Health in Covid-19 Preparedness and Prevention
11:21 21/02/20
Trở lại danh sách tin tức

On February 20th, FLC Group handed VND 5 billion (USD 215,000) in cash to the Ministry of Health in support of their endeavor in fighting against the coronavirus (Covid – 19) outbreak.

Ms. Huong Tran Kieu Dung – Vice Chairwoman cum General Director of FLC Group handing VND 5 billion to the presentative of Ministry of Health as a joining effort in Covid – 19 prepardness and prevention.

It is reported that the entirety of this donation will be allocated in a reasonable manner in order to comprehensively implement various means of the respiratory infection preparedness, prevention and control. These are of special importance in actively and promptly responding to possible situations.

Joining effort of community

Speaking at the event, Ms. Huong Tran Kieu Dung – Vice Chairwoman cum General Director of FLC Group reckoned that in the context of Covid – 19 currently having significant impact on the global socio-economy, Vietnam has become a spotlight in terms of the disease prevention and control.

Such positive result is derived from the fierce direction of the Board of Secretaries, the Prime Minister as well as all the central ministries, especially the Ministry of Health, which has been making reckless effort in the coronavirus preparedness and prevention at both national and local levels.

“Nevertheless, the Ministry of Health as well as the doctors, nurses and others involved in this compaign will have loads of work to do and prepare in the coming time.  Therefore, I hope that the donation of VND 5 billion received this afternoon to some extent will help to relieve such burden and contribute to the disease preparedness, prevention and control” said Ms. Huong Tran Kieu Dung. The General Director of FLC Group also indicated that the donation can be seen as some sorts of the support, encouragement and assistance of the business community and the citizens towards the Ministry of Health.

With regards to the updated information about the coronavirus outbreak prevention and control, Mr. Ha Anh Duc – Deputy Chief of Staff of Ministry of Health revealed that in a couple of days, all the Covid – 19 infected people in Vietnam will be discharged and it can be presumed that we have been controlling this disease very well. Following a gratitude towards such practical donation of FLC Group, Mr. Duc stressed that the fund will be distributed and utilized effectively for the coronavirus outbreak prevention and response in the upcoming time.

Numerous comprehensive solutions

Along with donating VND 5 billion in cash in support of the Ministry of Health fighting against the coronavirus outbreak, a large number of comprehensive solutions have been also actively adopted by FLC Group throughout its entire system with the purpose of making joining effort with the community in this special occasion.

In the field of aviation, Bamboo Airways has offered special assistance policy designated for partners that need to transport medical material and equipment for humanitarian purposes in domestic flights. This will be done by prioritizing some certain types of goods, followed by reasonable freight rates.

At the same time, the Airline has also implemented various means of preventing and responding to the disease, protecting the health of all the passengers and flight attendants as well as the general community. These include: giving medical masks to divisions and departments that regularly have direct contact with the customers and/or passengers at the airport; providing antiseptic solution at all boarding gates for the passengers; adjusting services standards to improve the disease prevention and control.

Bamboo Airways

With particular reference to the tourism – hospitality segment, FLC Group has been researching and introducing a number of products that offer optimal prices and all-inclusive services ranged from accommodation, transport to F&B, entertainment and healthcare. Designated for more than just profit purposes, such products and services are considered as an endeavor of the enterprise in bringing the best experience to the customers, and stimultaneously accompanying with the local to rejuvenate and improve the attractiveness of primary tourism markets in the upcoming time.

Besides strict compliance with the regulation and guidance of appropriate authorities in all the offices, resort complexes and flights, the Group has also fostered communication activities, thereby the staff and also the widepublic can have proper perception about the coronavirus disease. This will help them to have effective self-protection methods, instead of over-panicing followed by over-reaction.

Previously, many social security activities have been carried out by FLC Group on annual basis such as poverty reduction, gratitude, education, disaster and disease risk reduction, etc. Througout the 2017 – 2019 period, FLC Group has sponsored and donated hundreds of billions of VND to charity and study promotion programs as well as a variety of cultural and social activities all over Vietnam.

As of the end of February 20th, Vietnam has had 16 people fully recovered from the coronavirus infection. The last patient, located in Vinh Phuc province, is expected to be discharged on February 21st. Since February 13rd, Vietnam has not discovered any new infected cases. Although there has not been any specific mean to cure those infected by Covid – 19, Vietnam has had an effective treatment regimen at all levels. The citizens are suggested to be carefree about the disease preparedness, prevention and response in the coming time.