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Contributory Factors Improving Standing of Vietnamese Tourism in 2019
15:14 14/12/19
Trở lại danh sách tin tức

Expected to reach the target of 17.5-18 million international visitors ahead of the end of the year, the Vietnamese tourism in 2019 has witnessed a significant growth thanks to its inherent strengths and importantly, the motivation derived from a number of newly arisen positive factors.

According to the report of Statistic Directorate, by the end of November 2019, the Vietnamese tourism had welcomed 16.3 million international visitors, which sees a rise of 15.4% from the same period of last year. The surge is considered to be outstanding compared to the average growth of the global tourism, which is 4-5%. Fresh motivation originated from the aviation, tourism and hospitality markets, as well as international awards has lifted up the standing of Vietnamese tourism in a fierce manner.

Bustling aviation market

2019 can be seen as the year in which the aviation market operates most aggressively, following the appearance of numerous new comers and also the expansion of the flight network of the existing popular airlines. By the end of November 2019, the air transport market has contributed to serve over 79.8% of the total number of international visitors.

As revealed by the statistics of Vietnam Aviation Department, as of June 2019, there are 72 international airlines and 5 Vietnamese carriers, which operate over 48 domestic and 200 international flight routes, including both ordinary and charter trips. This figure is expected to rocket powerfully in the context of Bamboo Airways currently improving its modern fleet and launching regular routes to international destinations. Bamboo Airways is also well-known for it being the first 5-star oriented private airline in Vietnam, and has left positive impressions to the community by the highest on-time performance rate in the sector and quality customer service.

In December 2019, Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner joins the fleet of Bamboo Airways, which is part of the brand’s strategy of orientating itself towards 5-star standard.

The market has also recognized the born of products that relate to the combination of aviation and tourism, following the cooperation between the big names in the sector. They are Vietnam Airlines and Vingroup with a model that connects the flight network with places for stay, or Bamboo Airways with the strategy of making the most of FLC Group’s resort complexes to offer superior product packages and optimize the cost.

They have come to a fierce competition in that the greatest beneficiary is indeed the visitors, and simultaneously fostered the development of the entire sector in terms of the revenue.

 Infrastructure – The spotlight

Within the first 9 months of 2019 alone, Binh Dinh province had witnessed 4.12 million visitors, which is predominant over the total number of visitors in 2018. This figure was achieved due to development of the infrastructure system of the province. This include the expansion of Phu Cat airport; the presence of interconnected highway system, and the born of high-end resorts like FLC Quy Nhon – the first 5-star complex in this local area.

After 3 years since the first touch to Nhon Ly, this coastal area still remains as the top choice in the itinerary of exploring the city, and also one of the most crucial contributing factors of the development of Binh Dinh tourism. In a separate happening in Ha Long, instead of merely relying on the World’s Natural Heritage title in the past, the recent years have witnessed a drastic change, followed by the recovery of its honorable standing.

The most significant motivation of this breakthrough lies with the appearance of high-end resort complexes. While multifunction entertainment amenity like Sun World acts as an exciting destination for youngsters, FLC Ha Long operating since the latter half of 2018 is oriented to serve mainly families, MICE visitors and golfers. Within only a single destination, the visitors are able to enjoy the stunning view of the World’s Natural Heritage and, at the same time, experience the most high-end hospitality services such as golf course that overlooks the bay; luxury accommodation; sophisticated restaurants and bars.

FLC Halong Bay Golf Club & Luxury Resort creates a fresh and more completed look for the tourism of the heritage city.

Many other areas all over Vietnam such as Sam Son, Binh Thuan, Ninh Thuan, etc. have also received positive signs with regards to the comprehensive infrastructure, which can be seen as a foundation to fiercely develop tourism in the upcoming time.

International Impression

Following plenty of reckless effort to improve the destination image, the Vietnamese tourism in 2019 has been given numerous titles and awards from reputable organizations in the world.

After being named in the Top 6 tourism destinations voted by a tourism social network – Intrepid Travel in January 2019, Vietnam had continuously presented in a series of award categories. These include Top 14 Most Attractive Destinations 2019 (Forbes, US), Top 10 Most Affordable Honey-moon Destinations (Lonely Planet), and Top 10 Stunning Hospitality Destinations of Early 2020 (Traveler Conder Nast). Noticeably, Vietnam has also been classed as one of the countries that have the greatest tourism growth in the world according to World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

Especially, the year 2019 is characterized with a pocketful of awards given to the Vietnamese tourism in World Travel Awards and Word Golf Awards. These include titles across different aspects such as destination, food, culture and heritage. With particular reference to such awards, a large number of air carriers, tourism agencies, entertainment areas and resorts of Vingroup, FLC Group, Viettravel, etc. have also been honored across multiple categories in all international, regional and national dimensions.

Being recognized and honored at international awards is a positive sign reflecting that the Vietnamese tourism can totally meet increasing strict requirements of the international market. This also implicates new opportunities for Vietnam to conquer more and more targets in the future, just as the indication of Mr. Graham Cooke – the founder of WTA, which reads: “The Vietnamese tourism has impressed the world”.

Source:  VTVNEWS