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Chairman of FLC Group: We Set Target of Constructing 100 Golf Courses by 2022
12:03 10/09/18
Trở lại danh sách tin tức

Roughly a month ago, there appeared a short video clip on Facebook that captured the moment in the evening when you showed the staff how to take care of the golf course in support of protecting grass. As a chairman of a large enterprise, who is busy most of the time, you seem to still maintain a great love for golf, don’t you?

I have loved playing golf for as long as I can remember. I obtained Single Handicap about ten years ago. The passion for golf has sank deep into me and it has never gone down.

As what I spoke to the press 6 years ago in the interview called “Golf is the best personality test”, at that time FLC Group possesses only 2 golf training courses in Hanoi, which are FLC Golfnet 1 and FLC Golfnet 2.

From the player’s perspective, golf is not merely a sport but an activity that brings about the perfect balance. Accordingly, a golf course is indeed natural environment where businessmen and businesswomen can enjoy their leisure time or discuss about work-related matters. A golf course is also known as a place to strengthen the relation with partners and open new investment opportunities.

. You cannot manage or deliver a precise hit unless you stay fully focused.

From the national perspective, I believe that this sector has substantially contributed to the socio-economic development of the country. Golf course projects will enable the creation of green environment, contribute to the budget for transforming the regional economic structure, and create jobs for the local. Importantly, they will promote the development of service and tourism sectors, which correspondingly make up favorable conditions to develop investment and real estate projects.


So, is that the reason why FLC Group currently possess the most golf courses in Vietnam?

At the moment, we have 29 golf courses that have been and will be operating all over Vietnam. As part of the upcoming plan, FLC Group set a target of possessing about 100 golf courses by 2022 across 63 cities and provinces throughout the country.

Depending on each local area with different characteristics, FLC Group will have distinctive investment strategy. Yet, the objective is that each city/province will have at least one golf course and the number of golf courses can be up to ten in particular reference to large city/province.

At present, FLC Group is not dominant in not only the quantity of golf courses but also their quality, which is said to meet 5-star standard with inclusion of strict requirements in terms of design, construction and operation.

Along with that, FLC Group has also organized many major golf tournaments, which witnessed the participation of thousands of golfers all over Vietnam. All the tournaments held by FLC Group stand in the top tier in international dimension in terms of the number of participants.


You have mentioned about the plan on constructing 100 golf courses all over Vietnam by 2022. This is a massive figure and apparently the plan does not suit the actual economic condition of many local areas. Could you please clarify this plan?

This is a very serious plan of FLC Group; it carries economic meaning rather than merely entertaining purposes. The Group has worked with the Standing Committee of 46 out of 63 cities/provinces, operated projects in 30 local areas with inclusion of different types such as resort, hotel, golf course and agriculture. Those invested by FLC Group are all large in scale and diverse in sections.

According to the business strategy of FLC Group in the local areas, golf projects will depend on the characteristics of each place. For instances, those with strength in agriculture will have golf course developed in parallel to agriculture, smart cities and ecological tourism projects; those situated in the coastal region can follow precedent investment models, which are resort complex, golf course and urban area.

I want to build a series of closed services of FLC Group, not only in terms of the type of services but also Vietnam’s territory.


Golf courses of FLC Group have received plenty of compliments from golfers for their stunning beauty, high class, thorough care and maintenance, as well as the fact that they are all qualified to host international tournaments. With regards to the investment in multiple golf courses in the coming years, would FLC Group be able to maintain such quality?

All the golf courses of FLC Group are attached to the 5-star resort complexes. Our opinion is that we will surely maintain such high quality for all the golf courses that the Group has been and will be operating.

In respect to such criteria, FLC Group makes early focus on design phase: we hire world’s leading design and construction consultants from the US. These include Nicklaus Design, Schmidt-Curley Design for design and Flagstick for construction management. The purpose is to create a 5-star golf course that suits the topography of the project’s location, with a design that exposes the harmony with the landscape. The design is with inclusion of trees, sand dune, pond, stream and traps in order to make the golf course not only good looking but also accommodated with tough tracks to challenge the golfers.

Additionally, as part of the operation process. FLC Group particularly concentrates on the maintenance of the golf courses and their related services in order to provide the golfers with the best experience.