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Chairman of FLC Group Inspects Construction Progress of Most Modern Coastal Urban Area in Quang Ninh
09:18 12/12/19
Trở lại danh sách tin tức

The Board of Executives of FLC Group, led by Mr. Trinh Van Quyet – Chairman of FLC Group, just carried out inspection at a number of major projects of the enterprise in Quang Ninh on December 12th.

FLC Group has been researching the investment in a number of major projects in Quang Ninh, including FLC Tropical City Ha Long – one of the largest urban areas in Ha Long.

FLC Tropical City Ha Long project possesses many high-end facilities and amenities, such as school, shopping centre, outdoor sport area, harbor, etc.

During the visit, the Chairman of FLC Group had met and worked with different stakeholders with inclusion of contractors at the construction site. Besides giving the staff some sorts of encouragement and support, the Chairman had paid special attention to the quality of work and material, as well as the construction progress in order to ensure the satisfaction over technical and landscape requirements in respect to the project plan.

Following the receipt of various ideas from the contractors and the staff on site, Mr. Quyet had also provided appropriate directions pertaining to the resolution of the highlighted issues. These involve the progress and technical aspects of many important sections such as shop-house, terraced house, and landscape infrastructure.

Mr. Trinh Van Quyet inspecting the construction progress on site

FLC Tropical City Ha Long is considered as a typical urban area project of FLC Group, following the success of FLC Halong Bay Golf Club & Luxury Resort, which has been operated since the end of 2018.

“Therefore, those who are in charge need to work closely with the partners and contractors to ensure the management and construction work to be delivered in a way that complies with professional standards. By doing so, we will be able to complete the project as schedule and make it become the most modern and worth-living urban area in Quang Ninh” emphasized Mr. Trinh Van Quyet.

FLC Tropical City Ha Long is a typical urban area project of FLC Group with professional building and planning standards

FLC Tropical City Ha Long is erected on an area of nearly 88ha, which spans across Cao Xanh and Ha Khanh wards, and considered as one of the major projects in Ha Long thanks to the possession of an ideal location.

The location of FLC Tropical City Ha Long is regarded as rare with the South West and South East sides facing mountain while the North West side adjoining Dien Vong river. Such geographical features of the location allow FLC Tropical City Ha Long to overlook a stunning direct view of Cua Luc bay. This urban area carries sufficient elements that provide long-term prosperity to its residents.

The project is divided into 4 main areas, namely Bali Forest, Botanic Garden, Palm Village and Hawaii Seaside. Inspired by the design of famous tropical heavens with plenty of high-end facilities, FLC Tropical City Ha Long is expected to accommodate over 10,000 people by over 2,600 shop houses, terraced houses and nearly 900 apartments.

With the building density of 29.3%, FLC Tropical City Ha Long possesses a high proportion of greenery. At present, the green landscape of the project has been completed at 90%. The internal transport routes are now rapidly constructed, some among those have been done 85%. These promise to create a comprehensive and modern appearance for the urban area.

Many work sections of the project are being rapidly constructed in order to ensure the progress.

The construction of a number of apartment buildings at the urban area have been completed to the top story. It has been directed that those finished areas/sections need to be done piecemeal in order to complete the first phase of the infrastructure. Besides, the project progress has been now accelerated to proceed to the next sections of the Phase 2 commencing as early as the beginning of 2020.

In the context of Ha Long city being planned in respect to sustainable development to become a hot spot of sea travel in the Northern region, the presence of comprehensive urban areas like FLC Tropical City Ha Long is expected to be a spotlight of the heritage city. This place will not only accommodate the real estate market with quality products, establish modern green living spaces, but also contribute to improve the infrastructure system as well as the appearance of the city in accordance to the objectives set out by the authority of Quang Ninh province.