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Thông tin dự án

With huge farming land reserves spanning over many provinces in soil and climate conditions favorable for cash crops cultivation, high-tech agriculture is regarded as a focal part of FLC’s expansive business interests, and will be spearheaded by the business arm FLC FAM.

Starting from 2017, FLC FAM has operated numerous large-scale farms throughout many municipalites such as Vinh Phuc, Ha Tinh, Binh Dinh, etc. Farms in the company’s system are all invested extensively with top-of-the-line technology and machinery, forming a fully-closed value-creating chain encompassing every step from seed preparation, fertilizer and pesticide production to intensive production zone operation, factories construction and distribution network establishment.

Besides, the branding of local agriculture specialties will be another focus of FLC FAM commercial branch. Specifically, the company will work closely with partners in integrating modern technology into the manufacturing process to ensure high-quality, export-qualified products.

International collaboration is also a priority for FLC FAM. We have established partnership with market leaders around the globe including Britain, Japan, Israel, and China, etc. The company is looking for collaborators both national and global in various capacities (1) co-investing in individual projects, (2) establishing joint-ventures wherein FLC FAM cultivates crops using seeds and technical know-how supplied by the other party, the output of which will be distributed back to the partner at pre-determined price, (3) collaborating in technology transfer for individual farms, in which FLC FAM will provide seeds, equipment, fertilizers, and pesticides, while helping with the implementation of technology in operation and farming methods.

By 2020, FLC FAM will have invested 90% area cultivating shortterm fruit trees and the remaining 10% for fruit plants grown within filmed house. The company aims to become a leading enterprise in Vietnam’s fruit exporting market.