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16:37 29/10/19
Trở lại danh sách tin tức

Possessing a total height of 290m and 6-star quality standard, the 72-floor hotel, commercial centre and leasing office complex invested by FLC Group is expected to become an iconic project of Hai Phong. Moreover, this project will be one of the three highest skyscrapers in Vietnam to date. 

At the meeting with FLC Group that took place in the afternoon of October 23rd, Mr. Le Van Thanh – Member of Party Central Committee, Secretary of Municipal Party Committee and President of Hai Phong People’s Council accompanied with Hai Phong Standing Municipal Party Committee had discussed and given ideas about the investment plan as well as architectural concept of the hotel, commercial centre and leasing office complex project of which FLC Group is the investor. The project is located on 4 Tran Phu street, May To ward, Ngo Quyen district, Hai Phong province.

The project, situated in the city centre, possesses the North-West side being the pavement of Le Thanh Tong street, the North-East side being adjacent to the relocation land and the South-West being the pavement of Tran Phu street. This location is in close proximity to a number of major public projects such as Nguyen Du Park, Hai Phong Train Station, Great Theatre and Cat Bi International Airport which is about 15-minute drive.

Design concept of the project (expected perspective)

The total area of the indicated land is 13.486 m2, and the total number of floors is expected to be 72 with therein 2 basements and 70 storeys, making the total height of 290m. The project contains a commercial centre, hotel, service apartments and offices. The design concept of the project has been inspired by familiar vernacular features of the port city of Hai Phong. In details, the tower looks like a giant construction rising up from the sea with the top of the tower being a stylized image of a crest whereas the façade symbolizing a sail.

The total amount of investment is anticipated to be over VND-3.472 billion (over USD-150 million). The construction of the project will be commenced at the end of the first trimester of 2020 and will last for 60 months until its completion in 2024. Being accommodated with a modern design and numerous high-end facilities in respect to 6-star standard, it is expected that the tower after completion will become the iconic project of Hai Phong, as well as one of the highest skyscrapers in Vietnam.

Mr Le Thanh Vinh – Standing Vice Chairman of FLC Group presenting the architectural concept of the project at the meeting

In the meeting, Mr Le Van Thanh – Member of Party Central Committee, Secretary of Municipal Party Committee and President of Hai Phong People’s Council had shown high appreciation to the municipal leaders and departments for being determined in implementing investment procedures as well as land clearance for the project. Besides, he also made a compliment to FLC Group for enthusiastic preparation and drastic execution of the project. As an emphasis upon the importance of the project towards the plan for creating an imposing project of the city, Mr. Le Van Thanh expected that after completion, the project is going to be an icon and an outstanding feature of Hai Phong in the future. This is also considered as a significant step in implementing Resolution No 45 of the Politburo.

Meeting between Hai Phong province’s leaders and FLC Group

Based on the agreement on the project development plan and architectural concept that FLC Group presented, the Hai Phong Municipal Party Committee Secretary proposed FLC Group to soon carry out the next steps. Parallelly, he committed himself to prioritizing the focus on managing and commanding related departments, as well as collaborating and supporting FLC Group. This is to enable the land leasing and other legal procedures to be rapidly completed in the purpose of ensuring on-time commencement of construction work.

The erection of this high-end hotel, commercial centre and leasing office complex together with other significant projects that FLC Group has been conducting investment research is expected to create a breakthrough development and improve competitive position of the port city in terms of economics and tourism.